Bouquets of irises

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Bouquets of irises

Irises - is some of the most beautiful flowers. They symbolize wisdom, good luck, prosperity and joy. There are about 700 different colors and shapes.

The word Iris means "rainbow". There is a legend about Prometheus, when he gave fire to the people - in the sky has appeared a beautiful rainbow and flowed all day and night. Then the rainbow broke up on the ground with colored drops, and when the morning came and the sun raised the people saw that the beautiful flowers, very similar to a rainbow blossomed around.

It is worth saying that the irises are valuable not only for its beauty, they are grown, not only for the garden or home decoration, but also as a very valuable raw material for the production of essences in perfumery.

In ancient times, the iris was considered as a talisman for the Japanese and Slavic soldiers. They believed that it can protect them from injury or death. Perhaps this is due to the fact that some irises have healing properties. Also, in Japanese culture, name of a flower – is a hieroglyph which can be translated as "warrior spirit."

Not surprisingly, these lovely flowers are very popular right now.