Mixed bouquets

Ironically, bouquets of various flowers are more popular from year to year. Moreover, they stand out for their diversity and colorfulness in comparison with bouquets of only one kind of flowers.
Mixed bouquets are a great way to congratulate on any event. Such beautiful bouquets of various flowers you can order in our online store Sendflowers.com.ua. Frivolous and intricate, colorful and delicate, floristic bouquets are collected by our best specialists with all the skill and inspiration. Each flower in floral composition – is not just a beautiful plant, it is a small message, expression of emotions and feelings of the donor. When You buying a mixed bouquet – don’t forget about the hidden meaning of each flower:

Roses - love and beauty;
Lily - purity and chastity;
Carnations - passion;
Tulips - pure love and harmony;
Alstroemeria - a symbol of friendship and good luck.

Do not know what flowers are preferred by the originator of the celebration? thanks to a bouquet with different flowers, you can brilliantly cope with this situation! Mixed bouquets express feelings  entirety, and the creativity of the composition will become a bright and expressive accent in the interior.