Mixed bouquets

Mixed bouquets

There is no need to limit Yourself with one kind of flowers, when You can buy unique flower composition where were compared roses and orchids, or carnations and alstroemerias, for example. Such mixed bouquets really very unusual and truly unique.

Due to the lack of any restrictions we have the possibility to create a variety of floral compositions. That’s why You can choose floral mix for every situation, for a first date, or a birthday party, or maybe meeting with old friends, and so on.

It is no surprising that mixed bouquets are gaining more and more popularity in recent years. There are much more possibilities to express Your feelings with help of mixed bouquets.
Each flower in floral composition – is not just a beautiful plant, it is a small message, expression of emotions and feelings of the donor. When You buying a mixed bouquet – don’t forget about the hidden meaning of each flower:

Roses - love and beauty;
Lily - purity and chastity;
Carnations - passion;
Tulips - pure love and harmony;
Alstroemeria - a symbol of friendship and good luck.


In our store You can order a variety of mixed bouquets,  and the will be delivered to the address just in time.